Post surgical reasons for Home Visits

I recently had a patient who was recovering from major surgery. Allergies prevented him from taking the standard pain medications which left him in a great deal of pain. He had seen another acupuncturist who had been helpful but by the time he got home, the bumpy car ride had undone all of the good work.

When I first began seeing him he was almost unable to move from the pain. He walked with a bent-over shuffle. After each treatment in his home, I usually left him lying relaxed  allowing the treatment to really sink in. The relaxation and pain relief he felt after my treatments stayed with him long after the treatment was finished.

He repeatedly told me how happy he was not to be getting into a car immediately after the treatments which would always cause him to feel his pain return by the time he would get home. I am happy to report that six weeks after the surgery he is walking beautifully with only minimal discomfort or pain. We are continuing the treatments to get him back to 100%, and he is very happy to have recovered in much less pain and much more quickly than he expected.

Acupuncture is a safe and effective way to help yourself recover from any type of medical procedure.

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